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Live Shopping

We are in the process of adding all of our paints to live shopping. With over 1000 colors this will take a little time. Please bear with us as we get everything entered.  Thank you all for your business and support. We are also preparing to travel to shows. We will be starting this for […]

- March 16, 2018

Overseas Shipping

Hi All, MCW is now able to ship outside the US.  Shipping charges will be based on weight. Right now, as a general guideline, for estimating only, you can add about $18.00 to our shipping charges listed on the order form and get close to the overseas shipping charges. This is just another way that […]

- January 22, 2017

Happy Holidays

Thanks to all of our customers for a great holiday season. Have a Happy New Year and we will see you in 2017

- December 29, 2016

About MCW Automotive Finishes

We have been producing factory correct colors for the automotive modeling market, for over 20 years. We use only the highest quality PPG Duracryl lacquer in our colors. This is the same paint that was used on the real cars up until the mid 80's. Our paints do not require a gloss clear coat to look factory correct, but you can clear them to get that deep wet look that customizers have been doing for years.

Our paints come ready to airbrush in 1oz bottles. No thinning is needed. We recommend that you use a primer on what you are painting so you do not damage the surface. We have a high grade (PPG) lacquer primer that is sandable and will fill small scratches and defects. This makes it great for plastic and resinkits.

In addition to our extensive line of automotive colors, MCW has now started to produce military colors. Please see our catalog for a current color list.

Some of the other projects that we are working on, MCW Railroad Finishes, and candy and pearls in our customizing line.

Please also visit us at Wings Wheels & Waves