Please note that all colors spray on gloss, and when flat or semi gloss clear is applied, they will conform to the listed color.


MIL-1101 Schwarzgrun RLM70
MIL-1102 Lichtblau RLM76
MIL-1103 Dunkelgrun RLM71
MIL-1104 Gelb RLM04
MIL-1105 Grauviolett RLM75
MIL-1106 Hellblau RLM65
MIL-1107 Hellblau RLM78
MIL-1108 Sandgelb I
MIL-1109 SandGelb II RLM79
MIL-1110 Graugrun RLM74
MIL-1111 Grau RLM02