Please note that all colors spray on gloss, and when flat or semi gloss clear is applied, they will conform to the listed FS number.


MIL-2100 Aircraft Natural Metal
MIL-2101 Neutral Gray                  FS36270
MIL-2102 Dark Green                    FS34079
MIL-2103 Medium Green              FS34092
MIL-2104 Navy Gloss Sea Blue    FS15042
MIL-2105 Interior Green               FS34151
MIL-2106 Aircraft Gray                  FS16473
MIL-2107 Intermediate Blue         FS35164
MIL-2108 Underside Gray             FS36622
MIL-2109 Dark Tan                        FS30219
MIL-2110 White                               FS17875
MIL-2111 Yellow-Orange               FS13538
MIL-2112 Green                              FS24098
MIL-2113 Green                              FS34102
MIL-2114 Dark Gray                      FS36176
MIL-2115 Gray                                FS36251
MIL-2116 Navy Blue-Gray
MIL-2117 Olive Drab    ANA-613
MIL-2118 Dull Charcoal               FS36081
MIL-2119 Dark Gull Gray             FS36231
MIL-2120 Gull Gray                      FS36440
MIL-2121 Zinc Chromate Green
MIL-2122 Strata Blue    ANA516
MIL-2123 Olive Drab                   FS34087
MIL-2124 Dull Dark Green        FS14056
MIL-2125 True Blue                    FS15102
MIL-2126 Insignia Red               FS31136
MIL-2127 Cockpit Bronze Green
MIL-2128 Gray                             FS36463
MIL-2129 Blue/Green                 FS35414
MIL-2130 Dark Earth ANA617 FS30118
MIL-2131 Gray                             FS16250
MIL-2132 Olive Drab                  FS33070